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you guys have a good show , but on the show ( The Dark Side Of The Moon )
didn’t like it , one of you kept saying and reassuring that the moon was made by god . as if you were sure of that .
there’s also at least a couple of other theories about how the moon came to be.
and i don’t really know which is that one that really is explains the moon ,

but you kept reassuring that something like that could only be made by god . and kept repeating it .
I thought it was a paranormal podcast where you give us a few different angles and views of things so we can make our own mind .
but instead it sounded like i was listening to a religious podcast and you were the preacher ..
if I wanted to hear about religions , I would be listening to a religious podcast
not a paranormal show..
sorry but the guy that was doing the preaching , completely messed up the whole show ..
and the moon is one of my favorite subjects..
maybe the paranormal is not the right subject for the priest ..

May 13, 2018 by Gforce757575 on Apple Podcasts

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