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April 25, 2022

300!! w/Katie Turner, Richard Ruland, and Kat Ward

300!! w/Katie Turner, Richard Ruland, and Kat Ward
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On this episode of ParaTruth Radio, Justin & Erik celebrate the big 300! They invited Katie Turner & Richard Ruland from Let's Talk About It... and Kat Ward from Paranormal Heart to celebrate with them. They discuss ghost pets, disclosure, the importance of paranormal research, and so much more! Join them down the rabbit hole and celebrate with them!


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Kat WardProfile Photo

Kat Ward

Wife/Mom/ Paranormal Investigator/Book Narrator

Kat Ward has been a paranormal experiencer and sensitive since a very young age growing up on the East Coast of Canada, in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. Finding answers to the unexplained has led her in becoming a paranormal investigator with Canadian Supernatural Research Society based out of the Ottawa Valley, Ontario where she now resides.
Helping people underdtand their paranormal experiences and to comfort them in knowing they are not alone in these experiences, Kat started Paranormal Heart Podcast. Paranormal Heart provides a safe place where people can talk about their paranormal encounters without being ridiculed.
Kat has also recently started narrating books, and is currently working on The Obsidian Guardian series, written by J.B. Coates. Release date has not been confirmed as of yet.
To be a guest on Paranormal Heart Podcast, please contact Kat at paranormalheart13@gmail.com.
For narration work, please contact Kat at katwvoiceactor@gmail.com.

Katie TurnerProfile Photo

Katie Turner

Ever since Katie was a little girl, she has been sensitive to the paranormal.

It all began at a very young age, when Katie was old enough to articulate her thoughts. She was able to predict future events only to have them verified days, months and even years later.

At 4 years old, deceased family members would appear at night, standing over her bed giving messages to pass along to loved ones.

Katie's family and friends have always been very supportive, encouraging her stay open and talk about her experiences.

When tapping into her abilities, Katie soon learned that she was blessed with clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairessence (smell), claircognizance (clear knowing) and empathic abilities (physical and or emotional symptoms).

Katie is also proud to be a part of T+E's "Paranormal Survivor". As one of the Paranormal Experts, she educate viewers on paranormal activity. The show airs evenings at 9pm est. on Travel and Escape, and Destination America.

Katie is a dedicated member of C.S.R.S. "Canadian Supernatural Research Society".
As the team's Founder/Lead Investigator and Psychic, they travel conducting Paranormal Investigations and cleansings.

Throughout the years Katie has learned to focus her gifts, giving guidance and closure to those people in need through readings.

Fate has ultimately requested that Katie share her abilities in helping others.