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Nov. 29, 2021

How to Unscrew Yourself w/Katrina Rasbold

How to Unscrew Yourself w/Katrina Rasbold
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On this episode of ParaTruth Radio, Justin & Erik talk to Katrina Rasbold about her book, "Uncrossed". They discuss psychic attacks, how to protect yourself, and so much more. Follow them down the rabbit hole!

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Katrina Rasbold


Katrina Rasbold is the author of twenty-seven books on various aspects of the magical arts. She also pens the popular fictional series The Seven Sisters of Avalon as well as other fiction and nonfiction works.
Born in the hills of Kentucky and raised in folk magic, Katrina studied the magical arts all over the world before settling in her current home in the remote mountains of California. She lectured at Pantheacon in San Jose, Sacramento Pagan Pride, and PanGaia Festival in Fair Oaks, California, and currently offers online and in-person classes.
She and her husband, Eric, are co-creators of the CUSP spiritual path and are co-authors of the Bio-Universal Energy Series. Their first book, Energy Magic, spent several weeks on the Amazon best seller list in the category of Neopaganism upon its release in 2013.
Eric and Katrina own Crossroads Metaphysical Store in Shingle Springs, California, where they offer their handmade magical products and services such as spellcasting, healing, and cleansing. You can contact Katrina via www.crossroadsoccult.com.
Katrina and Eric have six adult children who are grown up and loose out there in the world.