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Oct. 11, 2021

What It Is To Be a Witch w/Shanna Stoker

What It Is To Be a Witch w/Shanna Stoker
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On this episode of ParaTruth Radio, Erik & Justin talk to Shanna Stoker, co-owner of The Ghoulish Garb and a relative of Bram Stoker (yes, THAT Bram Stoker). Join us down the rabbit hole as we talk about Shanna's business, her relation to Bram, her practice in witchcraft, and more.

Make sure to check out Shanna's information on our website: www.paratruth.com


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Shanna StokerProfile Photo

Shanna Stoker

Co-Owner/Operator of The Ghoulish Garb

Shanna Stoker is the co-owner and founder of The Ghoulish Garb, a shop dedicated to creating unique designs celebrating witchcraft and the macabre. She is an established practitioner of witchcraft whose love of tarot and all things grim inspired the idea for Terror Tarot: Major Arcana Deck & Guidebook. Stoker has a background in historical research and archival studies, theatrical performance and artistic direction, as well as a passion for witchcraft, the paranormal, and literary lore, all of which help inform her as she works with her phenomenally talented team to design products like this vibrantly morbid deck. She is currently working on another exciting project alongside The Ghoulish Garb, and is thrilled to continue expanding her portfolio.

For more information and updates, follow The Ghoulish Garb on Instagram @the_ghoulish_garb.
Follow Shanna Stoker on TikTok @the_ghoulish_gal.
She can also be reached by emailing theghoulishgal@gmail.com.